Virtual . In Person                  STUDIO 1-503-244-0801   /   1-310-717-3300  

  • Duration: On-Going or As Requested by client. Minimum 1-hour.
  • AGES: 7 and up
  • Location: Skype and Zoom available. 
  • Highlights: Exculsive coaching with renown Acting Coach, Keynote Speaker and Revealer.
  • Cost: See cost for In -Person service
What does On-Line -Virtual mean?

First, all of Karen LaVoie's  sessions are customized to the individual! Some individuals want very unique options and Karen LaVoie agrees if they are deliverable, legal, safe and constructive.  She has the right to refuse service.

The client will be on their device and Karen LaVoie will be on here device coaching.  The two of you will make the reality as real as possible.  Karen helps clients record auditions, prepare speaches, presentations, Life Coaching and even HEADSHOTS! And of course acting training!

On-line virtual coach is fun and it DELIVERS!

Karen has been on-line coaching since Skype became available!  Before that, she coached successfeully over the phone.  She coaches worldwide as long as the person speaks English.

CLAIM the MOMENT that reveals all the answers! - KNOW they SELF revealed!